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Never be left in the dark again, cut down on your energy cost, and create custom lighting scenes for your moods. These are a few ways that our lighting solutions can benefit your lifestyle. Choose from switches, dimmers, and multi-button keypads to create multiple scenes for any occasion. Enjoying quality time with friends and family or you want to curl up on the couch with a good book? Set the mood with the press of a button to adjust the lighting levels in different areas to create your ambiance on demand.

Integrate our lighting solutions with our controllers and open a new world of possibilities. Control your lighting based on events in your home or integrate it with your security systems. Enjoy real-time conditions of your lights with two-way feedback from anywhere at any time with our interface.

Take controlling your home's heating/cooling or HVAC system to the next level. Adjust climate levels when you're on your way home from work so you step into a comfortable home. Save energy by automatically lowering the thermostat's temperature when no one is at home. Independently control multiple zones and areas on a single controller.

Add our controller to integrate your thermostat to your security system and other devices. Based on your security settings, climate settings can adjust to different levels.

Help protect water lines and temperature-sensitive devices against freezing. Get notifications when the temperature drops below specific points. Also, adjust climate levels based on the outside temperature.

Control your favorite songs throughout your home with our audio distribution systems and streamers. Listen to your favorite songs in the shower, on the patio, or in the garage while you work. Combine all areas in your home to play the same source or individually control music content for each area. Have access to your saved music files, internet radio, and favorite music servers like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and more throughout your home.

Eliminate the clutter of having cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, and receiver around the TV. Imagine just having a TV mounted to the wall and everything else hidden and out of sight with a single remote or mobile device that controls it all. With our video matrix, start watching your favorite show in the living room, pause it, and then finish watching in bed.

Leaving for vacation or you suffer from allergy and no one to water your lawn? No problem! Install a sprinkler system and control it with controller. Program multiple watering schedules, skip zones, and manually turn on your sprinkler from you mobile device, or tablet/iPad

Get two-way feedback of each zone

Don’t come home to dry lawn.

Control the amount of natural light entering in and help regulate room temperatures with motorized shades. Set and adjust schedules so that your blinds are open when you want them and closed when you don’t. Synchronize all automated shades in a single room, or the entire home, so that they Open and Close all at the same. With our quiet motors, you’ll hardly even know that they are operating. Control automated shades with the touch of a button on a handheld remotes, wall mount pendants, mobile devices, or integrated controller. Put an end to fiddling with rods or drawstrings.

Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors. Have room darkening shades to block out light, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. Our translucent fabrics transform harsh daylight into a soft filtered glow, ideal for bathrooms. Sheer fabrics are excellent for rooms that don’t need complete privacy and will block UV rays.

With our integrated solutions, control your shades based on events, security, and comfort. Automatically close shades at sunset and turn lights on so that you’re not in the dark.

The foundation of your smart home platform should be a robust, secure, and reliable network. Have the highest level reliability for all your devices in your home. We design a network to have Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home so that you'll always be connected. Mobile devices can roam the house and won't lose connection. Create a separate network for guests to protect the security of your network-sensitive devices.

Our systems let you be comfortable with the knowledge that your smart home is secure. Reduce instances of your devices going offline or spikes in latency. Making your network secure is our priority.



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