Charities We Support

Thanks to the Stollery, Dejanelle Legacie Huntley had a chance to bless this world for 3.5 years. She will always have a significant place in the Stollery Children’s Hospital story, as she became their 100th pediatric heart transplant. She helped the Stollery reach a huge milestone and in turn they gave us more time with her. If not for all of the wonderful staff and the technology, her time here could be been shorter.

We talk about how we use technology, automation, and controls for safety, convenience, efficiency, and to save energy. It also has the power to save and impact lives.

Genesis Control Systems is a proud supporter of the Stollery and as such we commit a portion of our membership plans and annual profits towards helping give children like Dejanelle a fighting chance at a normal life.

The Stollery holds a dear part in our lives and continues to be our Charity of Choice