Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home, while a Smart Home refers more to the devices and sensors being controlled over the internet.  With home automation, you are working towards having the “smart home” devices in your home automated so that they can work for you to save time and money, make your life safe and secure and provide peace of mind. 

Yes.  Take control of your home through the app whether you are home or miles away. 

Yes.  Our automation specialists can redesign your old system into your new automation platform. 

Yes.  We have options for wall mounted control panels or for use on your smart devices (tablets, iPad or smart phone). 

Absolutely!  It’s best to let us know upfront what your overall plans/visions are for your home automation project and we will layout the best approach for you.  We also financing options should you choose to complete your project all at once. Click here to learn more 

Absolutely.  We can design a software package that speaks to all aspects of the business.  Collect data in real time so that you can make informed decisions. 

Yes.  Our technicians can connect and install devices within your own space so that you can control every aspect of your business.