You are accountable for delivering the best results possible. Your team is constantly reviewing ways to improve, refine processes and provide more efficiencies in the jobs they do. Genesis Control systems has 20 years of experience in electrical controls, acquiring hardware and providing ongoing support to meet those needs. Our team works with you to understand your overall goals and can design a tailored solution to optimize the performance of your key processes.

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Industrial Automation and Controls

Industrial automation consists of the use of control systems ranging from computers, PLCs and HMIs to machineries being controlled by robotics. The advancement of automation has allowed industries to thrive taking advantage of technology to simplify processes and work procedures.

Whether it be an automated conveyor system to increase efficiency by minimizing repetitive tasks or a safety system implemented to improve worker safety, automation plays a key role in maintaining a consistent and smooth process.

By designing a program to work on any task needed, we can eliminate everyday factors that contribute to long term hazards and expenses.

System Integration

System integration is about bringing together multiple subsystems to create a platform to make an automated system perform efficiently and create convenience for operation. Examples of subsystems can be VFD (variables frequency drive) for motors, an embedded system for a piece of equipment, control system for a process, an existing PLC (programmable logic controller) within the plant . These all have their own internal programs, functions, interface, and communicate protocol. Therefore, protocol conversations are required for multi system integration. Genesis Control Systems works with your team and manufacturers to provide complete solutions with one user interface/control station.

System integration is not only for electrical control, but can include electric over hydraulics and electric over pneumatic controls.

Process Controls

Process controls is essential when automating processes. These processes are operating many hours a day, everyday and any small issue can drastically reduce the quality and performance of the process. As a result, the ability to monitor and control a process in real time is very beneficial in discovering issues as early as possible.

Being able to program these controls to take certain actions e.g., when a sensor detects a reading below or above a set limit to is key to ensuring the quality and performance is kept at an acceptable level at all times.

Due to this, process controls plays a big role in determining the efficiency of a process and allows for adjustment of the process to be maximized effectively and efficiently.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming

PLCs is the backbone of any automated process. It is the interface between real world devices and software. Devices are categorized as either inputs or outputs. PLC programming is used to increase accuracy in production, improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs. With the ability and versatility to be expandable, there’s a right size for any project.

Genesis Control Systems works with most major PLC manufacturers to provide accurate programming of any automated process. Whether it’s retrofitting, upgrading, or a new install.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) Design and Programming

In addition to PLC programming, HMI screens give a visualize and interactive representation of an automated system. HMIs are custom designed to provide operators real-time information to make decisions, collect data, and to control devices.

HMIs can also help to reduce pilot devices which can make for a clearer control interface. Instead of having panel meter displays, pushbutton/switches, or gauges for information and control, all can be integrated into a HMI. This eliminating the change for physical devices from failing and reducing downtime.

Motor/VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controls

  • VFDs are used to control the speed or regulate the torque of a motor. They also reduce the inrush of current when a motor accelerating to set speed. This makes starting the motor easier which is very helpful when start up of a motor with a heavy loads 

Whether an application call for constant speed variable torque or constant torque variable speed, there’s a solution that Genesis Control Systems can provide 

We provide solutions for your motor control by selecting the best fit VFD for your application based on the motor used and the load being applied to the motor. 

Data Acquisition

Without having saved data to ensure our processes are performing properly, we are not able to look back and determine if there are any faults in the system. With the use of sensors, computers or devices that can measure and record readings, we can store and use this information to understand and improve these processes.

Additionally, these readings can be used for programming purposes. While we can see readings in real time, we may also choose to use these values to trigger certain events in a process such as using a transducer to measure pressure to close a valve. Recording these readings can also prove useful to trigger alarms to save data logs of information during a fault to narrow down on where a problem has occurred.

System Troubleshooting

Having processes out of service during operating hours causes major problems with task efficiency and having workload pile up waiting for the system to be fixed. The longer the downtime, the more money is being lost from the product being backed up from this issue.

We offer services on troubleshooting a wide range of electrical equipment that may be the cause of the interruption in your process. Whether that be a machine that is not functioning properly, or a process being taken out of service, we will determine the cause of this issue and provide a solution that will accommodate your needs.

Electrical Drawings

Sometimes drawings for electrical panels go missing or aren’t made in the first place, which makes it difficult to keep track of your connections and wiring of your current machinery. Without having electrical drawings for your electrical systems, making changes or tracing wires to figure out how the system is designed will be a long and tedious task.

We provide support with this by creating schematic diagrams based on your electrical system to ensure the implementation of new machinery and changes to existing machines will be less of a hassle. Troubleshooting your system will be simplified with these electrical drawings by giving you an overview of the entire system, which make it easier to pinpoint the root cause of interruptions that may affect your power system.


I have been able to count on Genesis as their work is of the highest quality.
Control Freaks Automation Inc.

Genesis Control Systems provided the hardware, installation, as well as the software and support for the control interface for the ball launcher system. The software was developed to control and simultaneously record specific activities and information.

Redco Equipment Sales Ltd.

Genesis Control Systems developed the software and incorporated a single controller which allows the system to continuously monitor the ph levels and make decisions instantly on whether to dispense an acidic or base solvent to maintain an acceptable ph level that is safe for disposing.

University of Alberta


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